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What you must know about the word ”DATING” on rpgdating.net

For this website, the word DATING is a generic word that means that you can meet other people, not only for a relationship, but also to find roleplaying groups or roleplaying players for your tabletop games, larp , video games, etc.


But first of all…

First of all. Thank you ! Thank you so much for taking part in this adventure with us ! What you must know is that we strongly suggest that you create a profile based on your character (or yourself), by completing it with a least ONE picture and ONE description.

It is the best way to letting know who you are !

Also, don’t forget to watch our many videos and eventually new stuff with the RPG MEDIA button.


Beta-test in progress!

For our beta-test duration (2 weeks), we’ll offer to you a great promotion! For each 250 share and like, we’ll give a 6 months subscription to one of our followers! No limit in this contest! Additionally, each subscriber get a 30 days Full Access subscription without any limit when they create an account on our website!

  • Subscribers must be 18 years and older. We suggest that you never give your private coordinates. We are not responsibles for dating, private or public events or meetings attended by /and between our members outside this website. Users and subscribers discretion and responsability are advised.
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